Filing without understanding is Fatal
GST is a brain work of India Inc. Each Section \ Form has an objective behind it. Feeding the GST forms with wrong figures is worse than consuming toxic food. We support in validating data before submission to GST Authorities.
Looks intricate? We make it easy
You may be aware that your data processing methods needs to be significantly changed after GST regime, be it job work, Reverse Charge Mechanism, refunds in various scenarios (Excess payment, Export with IGST \ LUT payment, Deemed Exports etc.,)
We not only in supporting the transforming process of converting accounting data to GST data but also help in seamless report generation for GST requirements
Adhering to GST Calendar
Honouring periodic and ad-hoc GST compliances does not happen only while filing or as and when requirement arises.. It is a continuous process be it capturing data, collecting documents, linking across portals. We help in establishing and maintaining compliance process as per GST calendar. Consequently, the GST compliance will be only a 'as you go process' and not a mounting project.
Your GST status may not be static
Your business process, new projects or scale of operations may even change your GST status, be it composite regular, regular to Input Service Distributor (ISD)etc...Some GST processes happens by choice while some others are driven completely by operation of law. Adapting to changing scenario will only be a challenge if planning is inadequate. We help to plan your GST compliance in line with forthcoming business plans and projects.
Track your GST Environment
The evolving GST regime makes compliance status dynamic due to heap-off notifications, circulars and orders issued day-by-day. Not being aware of these, will either result in failure to of leveraging the opportunities or to end up with incurring non-compliance cost. Our GKT (GST Knowledge Tracking) Team will provide timely alerts to utilize the emerging opportunities (for example rate reductions, clarity on classifications and exemptions) and to ensure compliance.
Facing the Regulators
Facing regulators is a normal process and not a business hindrance. But Confidence without awareness will be a disaster. Awareness starts with knowing jurisdictions, who should be contacted (liaison \ coordination), what should be done (reconciliations, readiness for addressing the queries, knowing the prospective questions of the regulators). Awareness and pro-activeness not only ease the process of facing regulators be it assessments or hearing procedures, but also reduces the queries and unnecessary show cause notices. We help you in establishing processes right from filing stage, which will ensure readiness for assessments Also, we support in carrying out specialized work reconciliations and upkeep procedure of documentation